Unity® Accounting Release: Practice Management Sync Feature

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UPGRADE NOTICE – Take advantage of the latest integration between Unity® Practice Management and Unity® Accounting 

We’re excited to let you know that Unity® Accounting will be fully integrated with Unity® Practice Management on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

Unity® Practice Management is Canada’s leading practice management solution for legal professionals, processing millions of legal transactions with ease and efficiency. With Unity® Practice Management, you can manage any matter and capture any disbursement or fee your firm handles.

For Unity® Practice Management users, this new integration means that you no longer need to export or import files to capture fees and disbursements from Unity® Practice Management to Unity® Accounting. Now, with just a few clicks, all your Unity® Practice Management fees and disbursements will flow directly into Unity® Accounting in real-time.

This improved connectivity will help you limit instances of dropped disbursements that impact your bottom line and reduce costly, non-billable time by removing hours of manual data entry each week – freeing you up to put more time towards high-value, revenue-driving billable work and projects that will help your firm grow.

For those who use both Unity® Accounting and Unity® Practice management, you can find the guides on how to use this improved integration below. For customers in British Columbia, hang tight because Unity® Practice Management will be available very soon. In the meantime, you can benefit from a similar integration between eConveyance® and Unity® Accounting.

For any questions about Unity® Practice Management, reach out to our sales team today. If you require technical support to link your existing Unity® Practice Management and Unity® Accounting solutions, review our self-help guides or contact customer support.

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To perform this update, Unity® Accounting will be unavailable on Monday, January 22 from 5:00 pm to 11 pm PST. 

On Friday, please update Unity® Accounting by following your usual esiLaw update process:

  1. Prepare for the update by following the instructions found here: Preparing for an update
  2. Once you receive the notification asking you to update to the latest version (Unity® Accounting, click on ‘update’.  If you skip the prompt or don’t get one, you can manually download the latest version.
  3. Please subscribe to the System Status Page for notices related to maintenance and availability.