September 2021 ESILAW 360 Update

A new, exciting feature is available with the latest ESILAW 360 software update: Generate bills and collect payments faster with the new Flat Bill feature

This new Flat Bill feature allows you to:

  • Very quickly and easily create a flat fee bill in under a minute
  • Allocate the fees, disbursements, any discounts, and more from a single screen
  • Manage billing within ESILAW 360 when fees and disbursement are entered in other 3rd party system

Flat bills created are saved as a memorized transaction. Soon, you will be able to schedule reoccurring automated flat bills.

To begin using this new feature, navigate to Transactions and then select Create Flat Bill

Other Enhancements
  • Billing – We have added the option to control the posting of trust payment transactions (Post Trust Transfer to Pay A/R) during the billing process. Now you can select “Do not post payment” when applying the bill payment

  • Audit Report – Previously, when you printed your audit reports, you had to view multiple documents for each audit, now you can view multiple audits in one report window for each Transaction Type. This feature is available as a setting option
  • Journal Entry – If the Journal Entry causes the System Balance to be out of balance, you will now get notified. You will have the option to rollback or continue posting
  • Trust Cheque – Allow multiple clients distribution on single Trust Cheque posting
  • Client Information Sheet – Added identification and Verification notes on report
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes