October 2017 ESILAW 360 Update

The following items have been added, updated or addressed in the latest ESILAW 360 update.

  • Added a new disbursement credit feature to allow posting of disbursement credits (e.g. a lump sum credit for photocopying rather than editing individual disbursement transactions). This is useful when disbursements are grouped on a bill and you want to apply a reduction to the grouped disbursements.
  • Separated the limitation diary functionality from Events and Tasks. Added a new Limitation button and a separate section on the Event & Tasks reports for limitation entries. Also added a new type under the Events & Tasks tab in Clients & Matters to identify limitation entries.
  • Added budgets to the Profit & Loss / Income Statement report.
  • Added a new statement type called Modern for outstanding accounts or reminder letters.
  • Add autosave to Print Cheques for printer and tray selection to automatically save printer settings by bank.
  • General enhancements and bug fixes.