November 2019 ESILAW 360 Update

The following items have been added, updated or addressed in the latest ESILAW 360 update.

  • Added export to Excel functionality for financial and tax reports.
  • Added a new report option to the Bill Journal report to display working lawyer and hours based on time and fees. Also added a new option in Bill Journal report to allow users to filter by Major Client.
  • Made significant improvements to loading performance of the Lawyer Balance Summary Report.
  • ESILAW required technology upgrades
    • All users are required to upgrade the integrated ESILAW 360 SAP Crystal Reports version to 13024. Refer to the Oct 11th, 2019 360 bulletin.
    • We replaced the existing ESILAW 360 digital code signing certificate by upgrading to an EV Digital Certificate. Refer to the Nov 1st, 2019 360 bulletin.
  • ESILAW eConveyance integration changes
    • Updated client matter ESILAW number of all related transactions when user applies an ESILAW client/matter number in the review window.
    • Modified the data exchange window to allow users to update client/matter description only if the existing description is empty.
    • Added functionality to save settings on Data Exchange > Approve/Reject window.
  • General enhancements and bug fixes.