November 2017 ESILAW 360 Update

The following items have been added, updated or addressed in the latest ESILAW 360 update.

  • Added autosave by user option to various receipt forms for Print on Save. This prevents the user from having to select the option each time.
  • Added a spacebar function in the bank reconciliation window to allow users to more easily select or mark items by pressing the spacebar. In addition, up/down arrow keys can also be used to navigate cheques and deposits / credits lists and can be used in conjunction with the spacebar.
  • Fixed miscellaneous tab order and cursor position issues on some transaction entry forms.
  • Fine tuning of repeating entry functionality on various forms to further streamline populating fields with values from the previous entry.
  • Updated new matter for existing client feature to populate additional values from previous matters.
  • General enhancements and bug fixes.