New security features coming to ESILAW 360 cloud in March update

To further enhance security within the ESILAW 360 cloud application we are releasing an update in March that will include new security features such as a two-factor authentication and IP activity logging. These are industry standard security protocols put in place to protect you and your information from malicious activity.

To prepare for the update it is important that you specify an email address and mobile number for each ESILAW 360 user under Maintenance > User Accounts. If you do not provide this information you will not be able to verify your identity and as a result will not be able to log in. These credentials are used to verify your account when logging in for the first time after the update is installed and again in the future when you attempt to access ESILAW 360 from other physical locations.

After receiving the March update you will be prompted to confirm your identity when you log in by using the email address or mobile number associated to your ESILAW 360 user account (Maintenance > User Accounts). A security PIN code will be sent to you by email or to your mobile phone. Once the PIN is entered and verified, you will be able to log in.

In addition to the above security feature we have added several check and balances behind the scenes for additional protection. There is also a new cloud access log feature that shows log activity against your 360 account. You can access this feature under File > Open / Create Companies by selecting View Access Log.