New Remote/Offsite Backup Feature Now Available in ESILAW 360

The most important applications in any law firm are practice management and accounting.  Yet so many firms fail to realize the importance of maintaining a daily backup of these mission critical applications in a secure, offsite location. As a result, we’ve seen firms over the years lose all of their data due to crypto viruses, malware, theft and even fire.  Don’t let that costly mistake happen to your firm! Subscribe to an ESILAW 360 automatic backup plan and relax knowing your ESILAW 360 company files are automatically encrypted and backed up every day of the week to a secure data center.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenience of fully automated remote/offsite backups daily.
  • Automated service built-in to the ESILAW 360 backup feature backs up your data locally and offsite.
  • Daily backups are automatically compressed, encrypted and uploaded to Amazon Web Services S3 secure data centers.
  • Backup files uses 128-bit TripleDES encryption.
  • Ability to download your daily backup at any time.
  • 1 year of ESILAW 360 daily backups retained in your secure data center repository.
  • Low monthly backup fee of $14.95 / month.

For more information on the ESILAW remote backup feature contact sales at 1-888-663-4545 or