New esiLaw Training Available: Admin, User and Billing Programs

We’re pleased to introduce new, complimentary esiLaw training to our customers!

Our esiLaw training specialist, Joyann, has skillfully designed three live and interactive programs tailored to different user types, ensuring you get the most out of esiLaw:

  1. Admin Training – REGISTER
  2. User Training – REGISTER
  3. Billing Training – REGISTER

These live training programs not only offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your esiLaw skills but also provide a chance to connect with fellow legal professionals, share experiences, and learn best practices.

We hope you join us! See below for the training agendas.


Admin Training – This 1.5 hour session will be best for esiLaw account administrations (Bookkeepers, accountants, HR).

User Training – This 1.5 hour session will be best for the everyday esiLaw user (Law Clerks, Legal Assistants, and Lawyers).

Billing Training – This 1.5 hour session will be best for users who will be responsible for billing.