March 2019 ESILAW 360 Update

The following items have been added, updated or addressed in the latest ESILAW 360 update.

  • Multiple changes to ESILAW 360 and security enhancements to prepare for the upcoming April 2019 cloud launch.
  • Added a search gear icon in the Clients & Matters feature next to the Search field. This allows the user to set various search related options, including real-time search and additional fields to search.
  • Added a new Global Setting > Financial tab option that allows posting into the previous financial year.  The purpose of this feature is to better address year end closing.  It allows users to change the financial year dates, but continue posting into the previous year without having to deal with entering passwords.  Using this function combined with the ‘Close books as of’ option, users can deal with posting into the current and previous financial years more easily.
  • Added a new option to the Individual Time Summary report to allow users to run the report for unbilled time only.  The ‘Include Details’ option must be selected first.  This new option makes it easier to run a report showing unbilled time entries by lawyer or timekeeper.
  • Added the ability to post a vendor credit against a vendor in accounts payable without having to apply it to a previous invoice. Credits can be used in the Pay Bills feature as required.
  • Added a Vendor List report under Vendors > Reports. This new report will display a list of vendors and related information such as number, name, address, phone and tax settings.
  • To address processing a single payment against multiple client bills, we have implemented functionality to group transactions in the deposit feature when the receipt number is the same. When you receive a payment for multiple client bills and enter the payment using Enter Bill Payments, you can apply the same receipt number to more than one bill payment. Note that each payment must be posted before you can enter the next payment and you will also be prompted to confirm that you want to use a duplicate receipt number. The deposit feature will then group payments for a bank where the receipt number is identical, showing one line item for the payment in the deposits window and on the deposit listing reports to reflect the actual deposit items being taken to the bank.
  • In the Email Center, added the ability for users to edit the email body for a selected email message or multiple messages that use the same template prior to sending.
  • Added Saving & Loading spinners to improve the bank reconciliation user interface as it pertains to refreshing, saving and loading transactions. Also changed the Close button to Save & Close and modified the close window function to Save & Close.