March 2018 ESILAW 360 Update

The following items have been added, updated or addressed in the latest ESILAW 360 update.

  • In Create Pre-bills & Bills, added the ability to add bills with different periods or months to the list of clients to be billed. The current restriction to only allow posting of selected bills in the same period remains, but you can now work on bills where the bill dates are in different months.
  • When adding a new matter for an existing client 360 will now populate multiple fields such as client name, contact, address and contact information with the previous matter details. In addition, if you change the content such as address on one matter you will be prompted to update all other matters for the client.
  • Added Alerts feature to users account and group security options.
  • Added new Global Settings function for Enter Disbursements to allow entry of the total amount including the tax, which reverse calculates the pretax amount. This function is already available in Enter Invoices and Write General Cheques.
  • Added an additional Conflict Search option to search all words or phrases in order to reduce the conflict search results and improve flexibility when searching. The new option displays with the label ‘Find conflicts with all words or phrases’.
  • Improved repeating descriptions in the G/L Adjustments or Journal Entries by repeating previous descriptions even if an account was changed or a debit or credit were not input on the line item.
  • Added hotkeys to the Create Pre-bills & Bills feature to open the various billing tabs more quickly. The following keys will now open the corresponding window for the selected client bill; F8 (time & fees), F9 (flat fee), F10 (disbursements), F11 (anticipated disbursements).
  • Added Send to function in Create Pre-bills & Bills to allow users to send bills to other users in the firm and attach optional notes with a date/timestamp. This function can be used to send a single bill or multiple bills to other users, which transfers the bill from the user’s billing window to another user. If your firm has a billing approval process you can restrict access to posting options in billing and use the ‘Send to’ function to transfer bills that require approval or review.
  • General enhancements and bug fixes.