User accounts

User accounts are used to manage software security by enabling you to provide access to menu functions to a user group, and to assign users to the group. A user who belongs to a group has all the rights granted to that group.

Your software license determines how many user accounts in total you can have. If you need to add a new user, either delete an existing user account or purchase additional licenses.

Plan the groups you require by thinking about the tasks performed by the program users in your office. For example, people in one department may all require access to the same features, while people in another department may require access to different features. The office administrator may require access to all features and act as an administrator for ESILAW.

User accounts tips

  • You cannot delete the Admin user group and you will always have at least one user with full administrative rights.
  • By using groups, you don’t need to configure each user account; you configure each group and then assign users to the groups.
  • Individual users are identified by user name and password. User names identify the user and must be unique, and passwords are used to authenticate the user name.