Updating esiLaw 360 when prompted

When a new version of esiLaw 360 is available, you may be prompted to update.


Step 1 – When you open esiLaw 360 after a new update has launched, you may get a message letting you know that an update is available. Click “OK” to download the latest update.

(Note:  If you know an update is available and you do not get a prompt, you can always view and download the latest esiLaw version at  https://install.esilaw.com.)

Update available prompt

Step 2 – After clicking OK, you may see the screen below. Click on “Install”.

Application install - security warning

Step 3 – The esiLaw 360 update will now download and install on your PC.

updating esilaw progress bar

Step 4 – After the download is complete, you may encounter the Windows security prompt. Click on “More Info” to continue.

windows protected your PC popup

Step 5 – Choose the option to “Run Anyway”. esiLaw 360 will complete the update and you can open the application as normal.

Select Run anyway

Your esiLaw 360 should now be updated to the current version.