How to print unbilled aging report

The unbilled (work-in-progress) aging report provides an aged listing of client unbilled time and disbursements. This information is important for billing purposes because it allows you to view a client’s unbilled transactions to determine which files should be billed. The report also includes each client’s responsible lawyer, area of law, total funds in regular trust, total funds in term trust and accounts receivable balances.

Steps :

  1. Click reports > Unbilled Aging.
  2. In the transactions from and to fields, enter the date range for transactions to include on the report.  It is normal to run from 01/01/1980 to a month end date.
  3. Choose whether to print the report by firm, by responsible lawyer, or by originating lawyer.  Default is firm.
  4. If you are printing the report by client/matter number, select the range of client numbers that will be included.  Default selection is for all client/matter numbers.
  5. If you are printing the report by responsible or originating lawyer, select the lawyers to include. You can print the report for a single lawyer, for a range of lawyers, or for all lawyers. A separate report will print for each lawyer. Default is for all lawyers
  6. Select the range of type of law to include. Default is for all type of law.
  7. Choose whether to print by major client code, and if applicable, select the range of major client codes to include.  Default is for all major client.
  8. Select alpha to sort the report by client name or numeric to sort by client/matter number. Default is an alpha.
  9. Choose whether to print a summary by Client / Matters, or to print a summary, by Lawyer / Timekeeper. Rather than listing clients/matters, the summary report summarizes work in progress by lawyer for each aging period. Default is format by Client / Matter.
  10. Click view to display the report on your screen. You can export the report to excel or PDF Or, click print to send the report to your printer.

Tips :

  1. You can also select memorize to add the report with the current options to the memorized reports.  Report can only be added once to the memorized reports.