Trust Transfer to pay bill

Trust transfer to pay bill is used to transfer the funds from the trust bank to the general bank. Before start to use this feature, make sure the Law society of your Province allows to transfer payments from trust account to general account.


  1. Click on Clients and Matters and select New Transaction > Trust transfer to pay bill.
  2. Select or enter the transaction date.
  3. Select or Enter the Client/Matter.
  4. Select or Enter the Trust Bank.
  5. Enter the description/Memo for the transaction.
  6. Enter the total amount of payment.
  7. If you want to change the distribution, enter the appropriate amounts in the distribution fields for the payment.
  8. Click on Save.
  9. You can continue to repeat the above steps to enter multiple transactions as long as they are in the same month.
  10. When you are finished entering transaction, click Post and Close.


  • When entering an amount, if you enter an amount that matches the total of an existing bill it will automatically fill in that distribution line.
  • The total amount of the trust transfer to pay bill cannot be more than the bill or the available trust funds in that bank.