Trust Transfer Cheques

Write Trust Transfer Cheques feature is used to complete the process of using client/matter trust funds to pay bills. After you post payment for the bills either through Transfer Trust to Pay Bills feature or through Create Pre-bills & Bills, you must write a trust cheque payable to your firm and deposit it to your general bank account.


  1. Click on Clients and matter, select New Transactions > Write Trust transfer cheques.
  2. Select or Enter the Trust bank account.
  3. Select or Enter the transaction date.
  4. Select or Enter the payment type
  5. Enter the next cheque number in case the payment type is CHK.
  6. Click on Post and Close.


  • There is an option of Open cheque printing after posting. If you want to print the cheque immediately after posting, select that box. You can also print your cheque afterwards.
  • Payee Name will be defaulted from what is selected in Trust Transfer to pay bill as Payee.
  • You cannot combine checks for two months in one check.
  • If you are writing multiple checks that are coming out from the same trust bank account, you can select the option “Group on one cheque” to write and print one check with a total amount. Using this option will make your bank reconciliation process faster.