Troubleshooting the installation of Unity® Accounting

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the installation of Unity® Accounting. You can also contact support for assistance.

  • If you receive a message during installation that prompts you to contact the vendor, you likely need to update Windows with the most recent updates before you can install Unity® Accounting.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is required prior to installation. If you having any problem with the pre-requisites installation please click here to install the framework from the Microsoft official website.
  • SAP Crystal Report runtime is required and will automatically install after Unity® Accounting is installed, activated and you log in for the first time. If you do not receive an automated message for the Crystal Reports installer indicating that it is installing, click the Maintenance menu and select Verify Unity® Accounting (or esiLaw) Prerequisites.  If you are still unable to install please close Unity® Accounting, click here to install SAP Crystal reports, and then log back into Unity® Accounting once it is finished installing.
  • Microsoft Visual Foxpro OLEDB Drivers are required if you are migrating your data from ESILAW to Unity® Accounting.