Trial Migration Checklist

Complete the following tasks to help validate that your trial migration was successful. Any issues encountered should be brought to the attention of your Deployment Administrator to ensure they are resolved before your live migration.

Please follow the hyperlinks for instructions on how to complete each task.

Enter a new client called Test Customer, and under that client:

  1. Enter time.
  2. Enter a disbursement.
  3. Create a bill.
  4. Post a payment.
  5. Create a trust cheque.
  6. Run Verify Client/Matter & G/L Balances under the Firm/Financial menu to ensure that the system balance matches. Please refer to PCLaw data from the day of your data extraction.
  7. Re-check your last bank reconciliation done in PCLaw, on the day of your data extraction, for all bank accounts (note that the opening balance for any General Accounts is not migrated to esiLaw and will have to be entered manually).
  8. Verify that the last receipt number is correct in Global Settings.
  9. Verify your bill templates are available, especially if you needed a custom bill template.
  10. Review Lists > Disbursement Codes. The data migration will create disbursement codes for all codes deleted in the past that still exist in transactions. Also review all code tax settings.