How to print transaction listing by account

Transaction Listing by Account

This report produces a listing of each transaction in your general ledger accounts with the reference number entered when the transaction was recorded, the audit number, the date, the transaction entry program used to record the transactions and the transaction description.

Steps :

  1. Select or enter the report year date range. Default selection is your current financial report year.
  2. For the report period, enter the start and end dates of the current accounting month.
  3. Enter the range of audit numbers to include on the report.  To include all audit numbers press enter in each field.
  4. Select or enter the range of general ledger accounts to include on the report.  To include all accounts select ALL.
  5. Select the sort by method from date or audit. Default selection is date.
  6. Click on View to display the report on your screen. You can also export the report in PDF or excel. Click on print to send the report to your printer.


  • Choose whether to include inactive accounts on the report.
  • Select memorize to add the report with the current options to the memorized reports.  Report can only be added once to the memorized reports group.