How to enter a refund

Enter Refund feature is used to refund an over-payment that has been applied to a client or matter

Steps :

  1. Click on Clients and Matters select New Transaction > Enter Refunds.
  2. Select or enter the date of refund.
  3. Select the client/matter where the refund needs to be posted.
  4. The bill number, payment date and the matter description will show up automatically.
  5. Enter the description in the memo field.
  6. The total amount of refund will show up automatically.
  7. Click on Post and Close.
  8. The refunded amount will display as negative amount on the disbursements ledger of that client.
  9. Write General cheque to the client for refund amount.

Tips :

  • In case there are two bills from the same client which are overpaid, system will pick up the first overpaid bill for the refund first and then the next refund needs to be done by following the steps above.
  • When writing the cheque to the client, select the non-taxable code and enter the total amount of refund to match the amount on the client’s disbursement ledger.
  • You cannot refund the client where the bill is fully or partially paid.
  • You cannot change the amount of refund.