How to print cheques

Print Cheques feature is used to display or print general cheques, trust cheques and accounts payable cheques. This feature displays cheques entered with payment type CHK only. You can’t print a cheque until it has been entered using one of the cheque entry features.

You have the options to choose a specific bank account and to select cheques available to print and re-print.

Tips for printing checks

  • You can only print cheques entered with payment type CHK. If a cheque you entered doesn’t display in the list of cheques to print, print the Cheque Register report for the bank the cheque was entered for. The Pmt Type column displays the payment type used when the cheque was entered. For example, if the cheque was entered with payment type EFT it won’t display in the list of checks to print. You must reverse the cheque and re-enter it using payment type CHK.
  • If your cheques are not aligned with your pre-printed forms, click Cheque Style to adjust the layout of the cheque form.
  • Each bank can have its own cheque numbering series. Cheque numbers are automatically incremented based on the highest number entered for each bank. For example, if you are at number 45 in your cheque number series and enter a cheque with the number 460, the next cheque will be numbered 461.
  • You can modify the cheque layout to print the client/matter number or general ledger account number on the body of the cheque.
  • If a cheque is distributed to multiple clients/matters or general ledger accounts, the entries are not necessarily printed on the cheque stub in the order they were entered.