Posting a payroll cheque in ESILAW 360

Payroll cheque is used to record the regular payment made to employees.


  1. Click on Daily Activities > Write General Cheques.
  2. Select the General Bank Account.
  3. Select or enter the transaction date.
  4. Select or Enter the payment type
  5. Enter the cheque number. If you have entered the last cheque number used in the chart of accounts, press enter to automatically enter the next check number.
  6. Enter the Payee name. You can also select the payee name if it is already in the list>payee addresses.
  7. The Payee Address will automatically be displayed if the same is added in the list>payee addresses.
  8. Enter the total amount which is equal to the net pay (not gross pay).
  9. Enter the distribution for the cheque using one G/L account per line for Source Deductions (CPP, EI, Income Tax) and related expense accounts, appropriate codes and description.
  10. Click on Save.
  11. You can continue to repeat the above steps to enter multiple transactions if they are in the same month.
  12. When you are finished entering transactions, click on Post and Close.


  • Payment Types can be configured under Lists>Payment Types.
  • If you do not want to print the checks immediately after posting, uncheck the box Open check printing after posting.
  • In one batch you can only post the transactions in the same month.