Migrating from esiLaw to esiLaw 360 – A step-by-step guide

Get prepared

  • Review the Switch to esiLaw 360 section of our website at http://www.esilaw.com/support/switch_to_esilaw360_CA.html.
  • Book a training class to review the differences between esiLaw and esiLaw 360 and learn how to utilize esiLaw 360 features to maximize efficiency in your firm. Training classes are available for one on one or group training and can be booked by contacting sales at 1-888-663-4545 or 604-990-1779.
  • Download a trial version of esiLaw 360 at http://www.esilaw.com/trial.html to familiarize yourself with the new user interface, features and functionality.

Getting ready to migrate

Before you can migrate from esiLaw to esiLaw 360 there are a few steps you must complete to prepare for the migration.  If you have multiple esiLaw companies (folders) and are migrating all of them to esiLaw 360, you will need to complete these steps for each company or folder.

  • Check to see if you are using esiLaw 2015.1.2 in Help > About as you must have 2015.1.2 installed in order to migrate to esiLaw 360. If you don’t, you can download the latest esiLaw updates through the Check for Updates feature to update your esiLaw to 2015.1.2.  If you are several versions behind you can also download an upgrade installer that will upgrade your esiLaw directly to 2015.1.2 from version 2007.1 or higher.  Contact sales at 1-888-663-4545 or 1-604-990-1779 for more information about the installer.
  • Download the pre-migration tool and unzip it into your esiLaw folder.  Contact support to obtain the latest version of the premigration tool.
  • Post all unposted transactions in esiLaw.
  • Run rebuild indexes in esiLaw.
  • Make sure you have completed all bank reconciliations in esiLaw for the prior financial year. You can check your financial year start and end dates in Settings > System Settings.
  • Import all time and disbursement transactions from Timetracker and any disbursement recovery solutions that you are using. Once you have migrated to ESILAW you will not be able to import Timetracker time entries. This step is not required if you do not use Timetracker or you do not import transactions such as photocopies from third party cost recovery solutions.
  • Verify that your computer hardware and network (optional) meets the minimum required specifications by visiting http://kb360.esilaw.com/knowledge-base/esilaw-360-requirements/.
  • Optional – If you have several years of historical transaction data that you no longer need or use, we recommend you use the Archive feature in esiLawto archive data before migrating to esiLaw 360. Refer to the Help file or contact support for assistance with archiving data.

While the migration is generally quick, it is dependent on the computer you are running it on and the volume of records that exists in your esiLaw database.  On average, it will complete in 30 minutes or less, but larger firms with very large databases may take up to 2 hours to migrate.

Make a backup of your esiLaw folder

Before you migrate to esiLaw 360, the first step is to make a backup in esiLaw and a copy of your entire esiLaw folder.  Ensure you have sufficient disk space on your drive to make a copy of the entire folder.

  1. Verify that all users have logged out of esiLaw.
  2. Run the Backup feature in esiLaw to create a backup file.
  3. Exit esiLaw.
  4. Navigate to the drive that contains your esiLaw company file or folder (e.g. c:\esiwin) using My Computer or File Explorer.
  5. Right-click on the folder and choose ‘Copy’.
  6. Right-click anywhere in the whitespace and select ‘Paste’.

Run the pre-migration tool

The pre-migration tool will analzye your existing esiLaw company file or folder for any potential issues that will need to be addressed before you can migrate.  Follow the instructions below to run the pre-migration tool.  Refer to the ‘Getting ready to migrate’ section of this document if you cannot locate the pre_migration_tool.exe in your esiLaw folder.

  1. Navigate to your esiLaw folder and find the exe file.
  2. Double-click on the pre_migration_tool.exe file to run the application.
  3. If the pre-migration tool discovers any issues with your data, it will advise you what you need to address before you can migrate. Otherwise, it will notify you that you are ready to proceed with the migration.

Install esiLaw 360

Next, you will need to install esiLaw 360 on the computer where your esiLaw company file or folder is located.  If you plan to copy your esiLaw folder to another computer and perform the migration there, be sure to install esiLaw 360 on the computer where the migration will take place.

  • Important! Before you install esiLaw 360 you must install all of the latest Windows updates for your version of Windows.
  • Verify that you have a minimum of 1GB of free disk space on the drive where you are installing esiLaw 360.
  • Make sure you have created an account at http://www.esilaw.com by downloading a trial or purchasing esiLaw 360. Once you have registered your account credentials (login/password), activation key and installation instructions will be emailed to the email address you registered with.
  • If you are migrating multiple ESILAW company files or folders, you will only need to install esiLaw 360 once on the computer that will contains your company files.

To start the installation, visit http://install.esilaw.com and click on the ‘Click here to download and install esiLaw 360’ button. When the installation is complete you will be prompted to create a company file and administrator user account.  Make a note of your username and password as you will need it in an upcoming step.

Migrate your data into esiLaw 360

The data migration must be performed on the computer where your esiLaw company or folder(s) is located and where esiLaw 360 is installed.  Do not perform the data migration across the network.

Before you continue, we also recommend disabling antivirus software before you run the migration as antivirus or security software frequently causes technical issues and interferes with general application use.  Disabling it will also prevent the scanning of files as the migration is running, which can impede performance and potentially cause other issues.

  1. Open ESILAW 360 by double-clicking on the shortcut on your desktop.
  2. On the log in window, select the company file you want to migrate your esiLaw data into. If you are migrating multiple esiLaw companies or folders, create your companies in ESILAW 360 first and then select the appropriate company to migrate your esiLaw data to.
  3. Log in to ESILAW 360 using the username and password you created after you installed and created your esiLaw 360 company file.
  4. Open Maintenance > Data Migration.
  5. Select the ‘Click here to browse for your esiLaw data folder…’ button and locate your esiLaw\data folder (e.g. c:\esilaw\data.
  6. Click ‘Start Migration’.
  7. When the migration is complete you will be notified.
  8. Next, use the Verify Client & G/L Balances report in esiLaw 360 to verify that the system balance in esiLaw 360 matches the balance of the system balance report in esiLaw. If there is any discrepancy please contact support.
  9. Run a trial balance in esiLaw and esiLaw 360 and compare the two to verify your trial balance matches. If there is any discrepancy please contact support.

The migration transfers all of your data into esiLaw 360, including your esiLaw user accounts and passwords.

Install esiLaw 360 on additional computers

If you are using esiLaw 360 in a multi-user environment, you will need to install esiLaw 360 on all computers that will use esiLaw 360.  To do this visit http://install.esilaw.com and click on the ‘Click here to download and install esiLaw 360’ button.

When the installation completes, esiLaw 360 will automatically search the network and display your company file.  When prompted select the computer and company file to connect to it.  If esiLaw 360 does not detect and display the computer and name of your company file your firewall may be blocking the required ports.  If you cannot see the selected option below, contact support for assistance.

After you have connected to the computer and company file, you can log in to your company using the user account credentials (logins/passwords) migrated from esiLaw.

Before you start using esiLaw 360

Below are some administrative tasks you should review before you begin using esiLaw 360 on a daily basis in your firm.

  • Review and configure global settings under Maintenance > Global Settings. There are a few new settings in esiLaw 360 that do not exist in esiLaw.
  • Configure the backup scheduler time to back up esiLaw on a daily basis. You can do this on the computer where your company file is located by logging in to esiLaw 360 as an administrator and selecting Maintenance > Backup & Restore and then selecting ‘Click here to update the backup scheduler’.
  • Customize your bill and statement templates so that you are ready to start billing.

Remember, you can book training with sales if you need help learning how to use esiLaw 360.  You can reach sales at 1-888-663-4545 or 604-990-1779.

You’re ready to go!

If you have completed all of the above steps, you are good to go and can start using esiLaw 360.  We hope you enjoy it!  Be sure to send us suggestions by clicking on the ‘Submit Feedback’ link in the top right corner of esiLaw 360.

Your esiLaw 360 plan

All esiLaw 360 plans include automatic software updates as well as technical support for installation, troubleshooting and general use of the software.

esiLaw 360 plans do not include training or bookkeeping services. If you require training or need a bookkeeper to help you reconcile your accounting, we can refer you to our friendly, professional certified consultants who can help you keep your business running efficiently. Contact sales at 1-888-663-4545 or 604-990-1779 for more information.

Additional questions?

Email support@esilaw.com

Contact sales or support at 1-888-663-4545 or 604-990-1779