Matters/Sub-files in esiLaw 360

Using Matters or Sub-files attaches two numbers to a file: a Client Number and a Matter Number. One Client Number can then be followed but subsequent increasing Matter Numbers. These two numbers are then concatenated on the Clients & Matters summary screen to create the “Client/Matter Number”.

Eg. Client Number: 1234

Client/Matter Numbers:

1234100 – 1st matter with client

1234101 – 2nd matter with client

1234102 – 3rd matter with client

Not using Matters or Sub-files results in matters only containing a Client Number and no Matter Number, with only one number showing on the Clients & Matters summary screen.

While esiLaw has two modes depending upon whether you would like to use Matters or Sub-files, this option in Global Settings is greyed out as it cannot be toggled while data is present in the account. This option is only available when creating a new esiLaw 360 account that will have new data added manually.

At this point in time, we currently only migrate data using Matters and Sub-files, using the Client number and Matter Number fields present in PCLaw. If you have determined that your firm does not need Matter Numbers and only needs Client Numbers, it is possible to re-format your data to reflect this, but this is a billable service performed by esiLaw Support that can only happen after your final migration. Please bring this to the attention of your Deployment Administrator, who will put in a request with esiLaw Support for you.