How to print matter summary report

The Matter Summary report summarizes unbilled (work in progress) hours, fees and disbursements, billed (accounts receivable) fees and disbursements, and retainers (US and Int’l only) and trust by lawyer.

Steps :

  1. Click on Reports and select Matter Summary Report.
  2. In the transactions from and to fields, enter the date range for transactions to include on the report.
  3. Choose the report by responsible lawyer, by originating lawyer or for the firm. Default selection is firm.
  4. To extract the report by responsible or originating lawyer, select the lawyers to include.  You can extract the report for a single lawyer, for a range of lawyers, or for all lawyers.  Default selection is all lawyers.
  5. Select the range of type of law codes to include.  Default selection is all type of laws.
  6. Select the range of major client codes to include. Default selection is all major clients.
  7. Select group inactive lawyers / timekeepers to extract all inactive lawyers as a single entry on one line.
  8. Click on view to display the report on your screen, enabling you to export the report and to drill down for more information or, click print to send the report to your printer.

Tips :

  • To view the report, the unbilled fees, unbilled disbursements, billed fees, and billed disbursements can be drilled down to view what clients make up this number.
  • Export options include: RPT, PDF, CSV, XLS, XLSX, DOC, RTF or XML
  • Last page of report will list the options used to view or print the report.
  • You can also select memorize to add the report with the current options to the memorized reports.  Report can only be added once to the memorized reports.