Document management for clients and matters

The Document Management feature is used to organize documents for your clients and matters. This feature gives you a quick access to the folder where you store your client related documents.

You are able to assign folders on your local computer or network, as well as on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Assigning document folders

To open the assigned folder, click on the “View Documents” button in the General tab in Clients & Matters. If you haven’t assigned a folder for that particular client/matter, the software will automatically prompt you to assign one.

You can also assign a document folder in the client/matter settings screen, in the Additional Information tab. To edit client/matter settings, simply right click and select “Edit” or double-click on a client or matter.

Document management tips

  • Don’t save your documents in the same folder in which the program is located. If you accumulate a large number of documents it will take longer to complete your esiLaw backups. Instead, save your documents in a separate location.