How to print individual time summaries report

The lawyer individual time summaries report is extracted by working lawyer, not by responsible or originating lawyer which means the fees is reported for the lawyer they were entered for or distributed to, not for the responsible or originating lawyer on the file.  The report lists a summary of a lawyer’s billable and non-billable hours and fees.  Each category is summarized both for the current month and for the year to date.

The budget amount on this report is entered as annual or monthly figures in the Lawyer and Timekeepers screen. Lawyer reports include information on files that have been closed.  Totals are calculated for the year to date and do not include balance forward amounts from the prior year.

Steps :

  1. Click on Reports and select Individual Time Summaries.
  2. In the transactions from and to fields, enter the date range for transactions to include on the report.
  3. Select the lawyer range to include.  You can extract the report for a single lawyer, for a range of lawyers, or for all lawyers.
  4. Select group inactive lawyers / timekeepers to group current and year to date totals for all inactive lawyers on the summary page.  If include details is selected time details for inactive lawyers are listed individually, even when this option is selected.
  5. Select include details to print a separate report listing the time transactions for each lawyer.  Details include the transaction date, client name and file number, transaction description, and billable and non-billable hours and fees.  You can extract the details for either the current period or for the year to date.
  6. Click on view to display the report on your screen. You can also export the report or click on print to send the report to your printer.

Tips :

  • Deselect suppress zero balances to include lawyer with zero balances from the report. Default is to suppress zero balances.
  • Select memorize to add the report with the current options to the memorized reports.  Report can only be added once to a memorized report group.