How to write a Trust Cheque

This feature is used to write the cheques in trust account. Trust checks credit the trust bank account and debit the Client Funds in Trust liability account.


  1. Click on Clients and Matters > New transaction > Write Trust Cheques.
  2. Select or Enter the trust bank account from which this cheque needs to be issued.
  3. Select or Enter the correct date from the calendar.
  4. Select or Enter the payment type.
  5. Enter the next cheque number. Cheque number can be 10-digit long.
  6. Enter or Select the Payee Name.
  7. Enter the total amount in the amount column.
  8. Select or Enter the client number.
  9. Trust funds available can also be checked on the top right hand side of the screen after you enter the client number.
  10. Enter the description of the cheque and then enter the amount.
  11. Click on Save and then Post and Close.


  • In case the cheque needs to be printed immediately, select Open cheque printing after posting and if you are not printing the cheque immediately after posting then uncheck that box.
  • Whenever you want to print or reprint the cheque, click on file > Print and then cheques and select the appropriate bank and select the cheque you want to print and click on Print.
  • You can also order cheques online by clicking on Order cheques on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • You can also use the feature of request and release Trust cheques by clicking on the dropdown menu beside the write trust cheques.
  • If the chart of Accounts has the last cheque number used, press enter in the cheque number tab to get the next cheque number