How to update contact information in esiLaw 360

To modify your company’s contact information, including address, phone number, email, and website, follow these steps:



To make changes to your global settings, you must be in single-user mode. Please refer to this article for how to switch to single-user mode.



  1. In esiLaw 360, navigate to Maintenance > Global Settings.
  2. In the Global Settings menu, select the About Firm
  3. Locate the specific field containing the details you wish to edit or modify.
  4. After making the necessary changes, click on Save & Close.



  • The province selected determines the default taxes applied to your clients in the billing templates.
  • Additionally, selecting a province will enable specific features tailored to that region:
    • British Columbia: Trust Administration Fee is enabled.
    • Alberta: Law Society Audit Export is enabled.
    • Ontario: Ontario Levy Report is enabled.