How to undo a deposit


  • Click on Find feature and look for the audit number for that receipt.
  • Look for the audit number.
  • Click on Banking and Reconciliation.
  • Click on Deposit and Receipt detail report.
  • Select an appropriate bank but do not change dates.
  • Click on binoculars and type in that audit number < Click on Find.
  • Look for the deposit id for that deposit.
  • Click on Banking and Reconciliation > Click on Make Deposits.
  • Click on undo/redo deposits.
  • Select an appropriate bank account.
  • Look for that deposit ID.
  • Select and click on undo deposit < Click Yes.


  • Deposit is undone if you want to reverse that deposit and it has been finalized in bank deposits.
  • Make sure the deposit is not finalized in the bank reconciliation.