How to restore an esiLaw 360 company from a backup file

This article explains how to restore an esiLaw 360 backup file used the Advanced Restore feature. The circumstances in which you might do an advanced restore are the following:

  • Your company file is damaged and you need to restore an entire backup of the company file.
  • You are moving your company file from one computer to another.

Assuming you have already made a backup using the Backup & Restore feature in esiLaw 360, you can follow the steps below to proceed with a restore.

  1. Go to the computer that hosts your ESILAW 360 company files.
  2. Launch ESILAW 360, select the company file you want to restore to and log in using an ESILAW 360 administrative account with access to the Backup & Restore feature.
  3. Select Maintenance > Backup & Restore.
  4. On the bottom of the window select Advanced Restore.
  5. Browse for and select the backup file you want to restore.
  6. The option to overwrite the company file will be checked.  To continue to restore the backup and overwrite the company file select the Restore Now button.



  • You can use the integrated Backup & Restore feature if you are simply restoring from a restore point and do not need to restore the entire company file