How to process an NSF in ESILAW 360

This feature is used when the cheque is returned by the bank because of the non sufficient funds.


  1. Open Clients & Matters.
  2. Select New Transaction and choose Enter NSF.
  3. Select the bank account that the NSF cheque occurred on.
  4. Enter or Select the date of the NSF.
  5. Enter the original receipt number.  This can be found on the Clients & Matters > Bills and Payments ledger in the Rec Num column.
  6. Enter a memo for the NSF transaction.
  7. Click Post & Close to complete the NSF.


  • Once you have posted an NSF transaction it will make the appropriate adjustments to the client or matter ledgers. If you want to charge a fee to the client for the NSF post a disbursement or expense transaction.
  • You can enter NSF transactions in the Clients & Matters and Bank Reconciliation features.
  • NSF transactions can be reversed using the Find feature.  In find, select the NSF transaction type, enter your search criteria and click Find.  Once you have found the transaction you can right click on it or select the menu to reverse it.