How to print a trust ledger by client report

The Trust Ledger by Client report prints details of client files with trust transactions within a specific date range. The report is similar to the Transaction Listing report.

You have the option of including transactions for a specific trust bank or for all banks. The report includes client contact and file information, and a description of each trust transaction.


  • Click on Reports < select trust ledger by client.
  • Enter the transaction from and to date. It is recommended to keep the transaction from date as 01/01/1980.
  • Apply various filters as per the requirement of the report.
  • Sort the report by Alpha (for arranging client numbers alphabetically) or Numeric (for arranging the client numbers numerically).
  • Click on View to view the report on the screen or you can directly print the report by clicking on print button.


  • Select Memorize to add the report with the current options to the Memorized Reports.  Report can only be added once to a Memorized report group.