How to print major client summary report

The Major Client Summaries include three reports:

  • Work in Progress and Work in Progress Write-offs
  • Billing and Variance
  • Receipts and Bill Write-offs

These reports do not list information by client file; information is summarized by major client. All reports include both current and year to date amounts.

Major client codes provide a method of grouping client files.  Major client codes can define “major” or large clients or they can provide marketing information such as how a client found out about your firm.  For example, you can designate codes for other professional, lawyer referral, previous client or yellow pages to define how a client came to your firm.  This information can help determine the effectiveness of promotions and marketing materials.

The Major Client Summaries reports include information on files that have been closed. Totals are calculated for the year to date and do not include balance forward amounts from the prior year.

Steps :

  1. Click on Reports and select Major Client Summaries.
  2. Select the report type, all reports, billed and variance, receipts and accounts receivable variance or unbilled and unbilled write-offs. Default selection is all reports.
  3. In the transactions from and to fields, enter the date range for transactions to include on the report.
  4. Select the range of major clients to include. Default selection is all major clients.
  5. Click on view to display the report on your screen or click on print to send it to your printer.

Tips :

  • Deselect suppress zero balances to include lawyer with zero balances from the report. Default selection is to suppress zero balances.
  • Select memorize to add the report with the current options to the memorized reports.  Report can only be added once to a memorized report group.