How to Print the cheques

The cheque printing can be done while posting the cheque in esiLaw. At the time of posting the cheque, you can click on the check box on the left side bottom of the screen “Open cheque Printing after posting”.

In case you are not ready with printing the cheques at the time of posting or want to do the bulk printing of cheques.


  1. Click on The File Menu
  2. Select Print > Cheques.
  3. Select the bank from the drop down menu of the bank account.
  4. Select the cheque you want to Print.
  5. Click on print button.
  6. You can select all the cheques you want to print at one time.
  7. If the cheques are Printed but you still want to print that cheque again, click on the drop down under show and select Cheques available to reprint.


  • It is recommended to print one cheque at a time. Also, you can change the style of the cheque by clicking on cheque style and modify the same as per your requirement.