How to print a term trust listing report

The Term Trust Listing report lists clients and matters with term (special, or interest-bearing) trust. You can print the report by lawyer, client and matter, type of law, major client group and for a specific date range. The report includes the client or matter name, number and matter description, the lawyer initials and the client or matter balance in regular and term trust.

The Summary/Detail option enables you to choose the level of detail included for each client and matter. The Summary option shows one total for regular trust and one total for term trust, for each client file. The Detail option shows the regular and term trust balances, by trust bank. Select this option if you want to view client balances totaled by bank.

This report only includes clients/matters with funds in term trust. It will include amounts in regular trust only if the client/matter also has funds in term trust.


  • Click on Reports < select term trust listing report.
  • Enter the transaction from and to date. It is recommended to keep the transaction from date as 01/01/1980.
  • Apply various filters as per the requirement of the report.
  • Sort the report by Alpha (for arranging client numbers alphabetically) or Numeric (for arranging the client numbers numerically).
  • Click on Summary to get the data client wise but by clicking on detail button you can get the data client and bank number wise.
  • Click on View to view the report on the screen or you can directly print the report by clicking on print button.


  • Select Memorize to add the report with the current options to the Memorized Reports.  Report can only be added once to a Memorized report group.