How to print Profit & Loss/Income Statement

The Profit & Loss/Income Statement lists revenue and expense accounts and displays the net amount of transactions entered in the current month, the monthly budget amount assigned to the account and the difference between these. It also lists the net amount entered for the year to date, the total of all monthly budget amounts since year-end and the difference between these. Amounts in revenue accounts are generally negative and amounts in expense accounts are generally positive.


  • Click on Firm and Financial > Profit and Loss/Income Statement.
  • Enter or select the Report Year.
  • Enter or select the Report Period.
  • Click on View to view the report on the screen or you can directly print the report by clicking on print button.


  • Select Memorize to add the report with the current options to the Memorized Reports.  Report can only be added once to a Memorized report group.
  • To include inactive accounts, select include inactive.