How to print bill journal report

The Bill Journal report produces a list of bills for a specific date and client and matter number range. The report includes the client or matter name, number and matter description, along with each bill number and the corresponding fee, disbursement and tax totals.


  • Click on Reports > Bill journal.
  • Enter or Select the From and To dates to be the date of the month for which you want to extract this report.
  • From the filters, select a client/matter number. Select All if you want this report for all clients.
  • You can sort this report alphabetically, numerically, bill number wise or bill date wise.
  • If you want the data of closed clients, select include closed clients.
  • Click on View to view the report on the screen or you can directly print the report by clicking on print button.


  • Select Memorize to add the report with the current options to the Memorized Reports.  Report can only be added once to a Memorized report group.