How to print transaction audits

A transaction audit is a report of the transactions you have entered. Each audit has two sections. The first section shows the transactions as they were entered on the clients/matters or general ledger accounts, and the second section shows the automatic journal entry that updated the general ledger. (Journal entry audits have a general ledger section only, because journal entries don’t affect clients/matters.)

Each time transactions are entered, a transaction audit is created and an audit number is assigned to the transaction batch. A transaction “batch” refers to the single transaction or group of transactions that you enter and save, and that are posted when you click Post. For example, if you enter ten disbursement transactions and then click Post, they comprise one transaction batch and each transaction is assigned the same audit number.

When you first begin using the software the audit number series begins at 1. Each time transactions are entered, the audit number is incremented so that each audit has a unique number by which it can be identified.

Steps: –

  • Click on File menu on the top left hand side of the software.
  • Click on Print and select Audit.
  • If you have the audit number, click on audit number on the right side of the screen, enter the audit number and Click on Find.
  • You can also select the date range to search for the transactions posted in a particular date and click on Find.
  • You can also sort the audits by date, audit number, transaction type, entered by.
  • Select the audit numbers you want to print and click on Print

Tips:  You can only select ten audits at a time to print