How to print an Ontario levy report

The Ontario Levy applies only to firms operating in Ontario, Canada. It is a surcharge that is charged by the Upper Canada Law Society.  The levy applies to files that are real estate and civil litigation matters.  The $50.00 value for real estate and the $65.00 value for civil litigation, includes the HST.

To use the Ontario Levy report, create a disbursement code for the levy in the Disbursement Codes screen.   The correct settings for the disbursement code are GST/HST = Y and Tax on Billing selected. The Ontario Levy report produces a list of all client files for which disbursements were entered using one of these two disbursement code.

ESILaw 360 is shipped with two disbursements codes for your use:  OLL – Transaction Levy – Litigation, as a fix rate of $57.52 and OLR – Transaction Levy – Real Estate, as a fix rate of $48.67.  These codes can be modified accordingly to meet your needs.


  • Click Reports, Ontario Levy or Reports, Other, Ontario Levy.
  • In the Transactions From and To fields, enter the date range for transactions to include on the report. Normally would be for the remitting quarter.
  • Enter the Disbursement code that you use for the Ontario Special Levy. Enter OLL or OLR.
  • Select View to display the report on your screen or select Print to send it to your printer.