How to memorize a report

Memorized Reports are used to group reports so that you can print them in batches.  This feature is useful when there are multiple reports to print, such as month end and year end.


  1. Click Memorize in the lower left corner of the report windows.
  2. Enter a Group Name to add the report to.  If you are creating a group of reports to print at month end it may be useful to name the report group Monthly or Month End.  If you enter a report group that does not exist one will be created.  If reports share characteristics such as date range, add them to the same group.  Reports that do not share common characteristics should be in separate groups.  For example: Monthly by Responsible Lawyer, Monthly by Working Lawyer.
  3. Enter a Report Description.  For example, add the report name. If you are adding a lawyer report you might want to indicate whether the report is printed by working, responsible or originating lawyer.
  4. Click on Memorize to save the report.