How to enter a vendor invoice

The Enter Vendor Invoice feature in Vendors is used to post a new Vendor Invoice.


  1. Click on Vendors > New Transaction > Enter Invoices
  2. Select or enter the Vendor number.
  3. Enter the Reference or Invoice number.
  4. The transaction date, Invoice date and the due date will default to today’s date.  If you want to change the date you can select the Date field and type in a new date or select one from the calendar.
  5. Enter the total amount of the Invoice.
  6. Select the client number or the G/L number.1. If the credit needs to be issued to client, enter C for client.2. If the credit needs to be issued to G/L, enter G for general ledger.
  7. Enter the code (disbursement code).
  8. Enter the description of the item received.
  9. Enter the amount and check the GST, PST if applicable.
  10. Click on Save and Post and Close.


  • You can edit the Invoice by clicking on the pencil on the right side after you click on Save but before Post and Close.
  • In case the client is selected, the Invoice is recoverable from the client and will show up as the disbursement in Clients and Matters for that client.
  • If there are more than one item in the Invoice, you can press tab and can enter the rest of the items in the following rows.
  • The taxes will be shown based on the code used.
  • The Auto text feature can be created by clicking on the Autotext button and then click on New and create an autotext entry. This can be used in the description by typing the autotext code in the description and pressing the spacebar to use customized descriptions.