How to enter a trust receipt

This feature is used to enter the funds received from the client. Trust receipts debit (increase) your trust bank balance and credit (increase) your Client Funds in Trust liability account.


  1. Click on Clients and Matters, select a Client where the Trust receipt is to be entered, go to the Trust tab > Enter Trust Receipt.
  2. Enter or Select the trust bank
  3. Enter or Select the date of receipt of trust funds.
  4. Enter or Select the payment type.
  5. System will automatically show the next receipt number; you can change the same manually also.
  6. In the received from, enter the client name and number.
  7. Enter Total amount received in the amount column.
  8. Enter or Select the Client number in column named Client/GL
  9. Put in the reference number for any future references.
  10. Enter the description of the funds example you can enter the purpose of the funds.
  11. Enter the amount and select the trust type. In case trust type is regular select R and if it is term trust, select T.
  12. Click on Save and then Post and Close.


  • You cannot enter one trust receipt to two clients.
  • The Trust receipt is the funds from the client and should always be posted to the client and not GL.
  • The receipt number can be 10-digit long.
  • In case you want to print the receipt, click on Print on save before saving the receipt but remember to post the receipt in ESILAW. The Process Card option can also be used in case you have the merchant account.
  • After posting the receipt in ESILAW, for all the payment types as CHK and CSH, you have to do Make deposit. For steps on how to do make deposit, refer Make Deposits Article