How to edit, close and delete a client

The client information needs to be edited to make any changes for the client. The client can be deleted when the client information is entered by error and the client needs to be closed when the case has been closed and there is no further dealing with the client.


  1. Click on Clients and Matters
  2. Select the client you want to edit, close or delete
  3. Right Click on the client
  4. Click on edit or close or delete
  5. In case you want to edit the client information, after clicking on edit you can go ahead and change the information.
  6. In case you want to close the client, after clicking on Close, enter the required information with the date of destruction.


  • You cannot close the client with pending/unposted transactions.
  • You cannot close the client until the balance is zero.
  • You cannot delete a client if there are any transactions posted or unposted.