How to Create, Edit and Inactive the Disbursement Codes

Disbursement Codes are used to facilitate the GL Account Number, description, GST and PST in the Disbursement Entry, General Cheques.


  1. Click on Lists > Disbursement Codes > click on New
  2. Enter the next code number and the description.
  3. Enter or select GL Account.
  4. Select the Type from Standard, Fixed Rate or Unit Rate.
  5. Select the Tax Settings for Purchases and Billings.
  6. Select the Bill Layout settings (whether to show this as a disbursement or other charges in the bill).
  7. If the box is checked for Group into one line item on bills, it will show as one item otherwise it will show up as separate item for all the disbursements where this code is used for the same client in one bill.
  8. Default selection is “Disbursement code is active”.
  9. Click on Save and Close
  10. In case you want to edit Disbursement code, select that disbursement code.
  11. Click on the Pencil at the right side of the code.
  12. For making the code inactive, uncheck the box which says “Disbursement code is active”.


  • Remember when you edit the Disbursement Code, the code cannot be changed.