How to bring forward balances for migrating data to esiLaw 360

In your existing application print a Trial Balance and follow the below guidelines.
  • In esiLaw 360, Make appropriate changes to the Chart of Account (Firm and Financial > Chart of Account) as required.
  • If G/L number have changed for any control account, then make the require changes into Global Settings > Control Accounts before posting any entries in ESILAW 360.
  • Use Firm & Financial > G/L Adjustments.
  • Use positive (+ or debits) when your number is debit.
  • Use negative (- or credits) when your number is a credit.
  • When a value is needed to be applied to an ESILAW 360 Control Account, enter that value to 6699 – Client Conversion.  The control accounts will be populated when entries are posted.