How to add, edit, inactive or Print Lawyer and Timekeeper

The Lawyers and Timekeepers feature is used to add lawyers and timekeepers and to edit, delete and print lawyer and timekeeper information.  You must add your lawyers/timekeepers before opening clients/matters.  Information that refers to lawyers also applies to timekeepers.


  1. Click on Lists > Lawyers and Timekeepers.
  2. Click on New at the bottom of the form.
  3. Enter the new unique lawyer number.
  4. Enter the first name, last name and Initials of the new lawyer.
  5. Select the type of the Lawyer – Responsible or Originating.
  6. Now select the position of the lawyer from the drop-down list.
  7. Enter the designation of the lawyer.
  8. Enter the default bill rate. You can change the rate in the clients and matters and also at the time of entering Time and fees.
  9. Enter the Start date of the lawyer.
  10. Default selection is “Lawyer/Timekeeper is active”.
  11. Click on Save and Close.


  1. You can keep the default bill rate as zero also, the rates effected in the Time and Fees is the rates defined while opening the clients.
  2. If the lawyer has additional rates enter them in the spaces provided on the right side under Rate A, Rate B.
  3. To edit the existing lawyer, select the lawyer in the lawyers and timekeepers and click on pencil (just besides cross) and edit the information.
  4. To make the lawyer or timekeeper inactive, just uncheck the box which says Lawyer/Timekeeper is active.