How to process a deposit

The Make Deposits feature is used to process deposits for general and trust receipts.  Receipts that are entered are added to the deposit based on the payment type you select.  Payments type can configured to add or exclude the transaction from the deposit.  For example, you may want to include cheques and cash as part of the deposit, but exclude EFTs and credit card receipts.  Items added to the deposit are grouped together and show in the bank reconciliation as a single deposit.  Finalizing of a deposit is necessary in order for the deposit to display in the bank reconciliation.

  1. Click on Daily activities > Make Deposits.
  2. Select an appropriate bank.
  3. Select the items to deposit.
  4. On the top right hand side of the form change the date of deposit to be the correct date.
  5. Select deposit slip if you want to include a bank deposit slip.
  6. Click on Finalize Deposit.


  • The date of deposit is the actual date when the deposit was made at the bank. In case the deposit date is incorrect, it will not show up on the correct date in the bank reconciliation and there will be problems in reconciling the bank accounts.  You can change the deposit date of a deposit you previously created by using Make Deposits and choosing Undo / Reprint Deposits.