How to enter a general receipt

Enter general receipts feature is used to record payments from clients/matters and other receipts received by your firm in your general bank.

Steps :

  1. Click on Banking and Reconciliation > Enter General Receipt.
  2. Select the general bank account.
  3. Select or enter the transaction date.
  4. Select or Enter the payment type. If the payment type is set to add the transaction to the deposit, the Add to Deposit checkbox will be checked.
  5. Enter a receipt number. If you have automatic receipt numbering enabled in Global Settings press enter to automatically enter a receipt number.
  6. Enter the Received from which should be the client number and name.
  7. Enter the total amount of the payment.
  8. If the general receipt is posted to client, select C and if the receipts are to be posted to General Ledger, select G.
  9. Select or enter a disbursement code.
  10. Enter the description of the receipt.
  11. Enter the amount.
  12. The amount of GST and PST will be automatically calculated based on disbursement code selected.
  13. Click on Save.
  14. You can continue to repeat the above steps to enter multiple transactions if they are in the same month.
  15. When you are finished entering transaction, click on Post and Close.


  • You can also click on Print on Save on the top right hand side of the form (Enter General Receipts) to print the receipt at the time of saving the transaction.
  • If the General receipt is entered to transfer the funds from trust bank to General Bank after posting the trust transfer check, the General receipt should be posted to Trust transfer clearing account.
  • Check the Trust transfer clearing account number from the chart of accounts. In case you cannot find it, create a new account in the chart of accounts and map it as a control account.
  • Disbursement codes can be configured under Lists > Disbursement Codes.