Entering opening balances for clients and matters

A section is provided for each type of opening balance so that you can easily enter an amount for each client/matter.


  • Use the Lawyers and Timekeepers feature to enter the lawyers and timekeepers who record time in your firm. You must enter your firm’s lawyers before entering clients and matters.
  • Using New Client/Matter feature in Clients & Matters menu, enter your existing clients and matters. Consult with our technical support or sales to find out the fastest way to enter a large list of clients and matters.
  • If you will be entering trust balances you will need to know the general ledger account numbers for your trust banks. To check and/or enter new trust accounts, go to Firm & Financial and view Chart of Accounts.
  • If you will be entering trust balances and your firm operates in Canada, check with your law society before using this feature. For balances in pooled trust accounts, the description for each client/matter will read “Regular trust opening balance”. For balances in term or interest-bearing accounts, the descriptions will read “Term trust opening balance”. In addition, individual amounts on your bank statement may not match the individual entries on your clients/matters if you use this feature.

After you enter all applicable opening balances, click “Post” to post the balances on clients/matters ledgers.