How to enter time and fees

Enter Time & Fees feature is used to record lawyer and timekeeper’s time spent on client files or on administrative tasks.

Steps :

  1. Click on Clients and Matters and select client.
  2. Click on time and fees tab and select Enter Time and fees.  The client will automatically be selected.  You can change the client if you wish.
  3. The timer will start automatically if the Enable Automatic Timer has been selected in Settings at the bottom of the window.
  4. The transaction date will default to today’s date.  If you want to change the date you can select the Date field and type in a new date or select one from the calendar.
  5. Select or enter the Lawyer or timekeeper code.
  6. Select or enter the time code for the lawyers or timekeeper’s activity.
  7. The description will be displayed automatically. You can modify the description if necessary.
  8. Enter the number of hours spent.
  9. Press Enter to accept the default rate or select an optional rate.
  10. The total fees will be calculated automatically.  You can also skip the hours field and enter a Fee instead if you are not tracking hours for the time entry and want to enter a fee in lieu of hours.
  11. Continue to repeat the above steps to enter multiple transactions.
  12. When you are finished entering transactions, click Post and Close.


  • Time entries are only saved when you click Save & Close.
  • The Auto text feature can be created by clicking on the Autotext button and then click on New and create an autotext entry. This can be used in the description by typing the autotext code in the description and pressing the spacebar to use customized descriptions.
  • The Spelling is used to spellcheck the words in the description field.
  • To enable the automatic timer, click on Settings.
  • You cannot enter the time for the inactive lawyer.
  • Billable or Non-billable will default to Yes for billable.  If you want to change the time entry to non-billable select No.
  • You can only enter time entries in the same month in a single session.